Why do we Chant Arjuna Phalguna on Thunder Storm | 10 Names of Arjun

Arjuna Phalguna: Thunderstorm occurs naturally; our ancestors say not to stay under a tree when there is a thunderstorm. If we observe storms occur mostly over trees. Also now a day we have learned that we should not be even below telephone poles or electric poles. Scientists say that there may be a slight discharge of electricity from them which is not safe to humans. Also many suggest that instead of standing on the ground sleeping is good, even if you are struck from storm sleeping position helps to lower the risk as storm energy is absorbed by earth (as earth acts as a neutral body)

From our childhood, whenever there is a thunderstorm our parents utter the word “Arjuna Phalguna”, there is a small story from Mahabharat epic behind uttering those words.

When Pandavas are returning from the forest, Arjuna brings Uttara to Sami tree for weapons. In order to rescue cows stolen from Duryodhana and Karna, Arjuna says to bring down weapons from the tree. During that period of time when son Uttara was afraid of the incident, Arjuna says his 10 names and clears his fear. His 10 names are Arjuna, Phalguna, Pardha, Kiriti, Swethavahana, Bhebatsa, Vijaya, Krishna (named by Pandavas), Savyasachi and Dhanunjaya. It is said if we utter any two names of Arjuna we will be freed from fear. From the two words, Arjuna Phalguna became famous.


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